Everest Life Deluxe Luxury Hot Tub

5 seats

Original price was: £ 15 ,110.00.Current price is: £ 13 ,599.00.

New spa design, new solutions, and a new insulation system are the best features of the brand-new hot tubs being presented. With 61 patents and many innovations, the Wellis Everest Life Premium spa, which is unique in energy efficiency in the world, has finally become available to anyone.
Thanks to the highly favourable energy consumption, the daily consumption has been extremely reduced to 2,9 kWh in the case of this 5-person model.


Size: 2 360 × 2 360 × 950 mm

Places: 2 reclining places, 3 sitting places

SKU: WM00754-P
Everest 4 Everest Life Deluxe Original price was: £ 15 ,110.00.Current price is: £ 13 ,599.00.
5 seats 68 jets 4.1 sound system WIFI connection


The LightSide™ cabinet system appears in PeakLife spas, which include concealed lighting beneath the corner elements, and an in-house-developed LED strip running along the spa’s side cover.


LIFE Scandinavian Insulation

Highly effective insulating boards are installed in the spa frame and floor without gaps, instead of being fixed to the outer casing. Plus received a heat mirror foil around the inside of the spa house, which reflects the internal heat produced by the pumps and thereby heats the water.

Infinity Jets

The infinity jet makes the massage experience even more enjoyable by massaging a larger portion of the body and doesn’t only move up and down, it draws an infinite figure eight as it turns.

Energy-saving W-EC circulation pump

Water circulation pump with very low energy consumption (190W/h). Low energy consumption, long service life and quiet operation make this an environmentally-friendly, cost-effective product.


Wellis Optimized Waterflow Our improved electric water diverter provides 75% higher pressure with approx. 45% less energy consumption compared to our previous models’ large manual diverter.


This useful, integrated accessory lets you monitor your spa’s water quality 24 hours a day via your smartphone.


Provides 20% fresher water when used with the appropriate amount of chlorine, compared to traditional systems.Ensures perfect water clarity.


Flat water jets with new lighting also act as illuminated cup holders.


Our new spa waterfall features a new design that creates the effect of a real waterfall. A unique appearance and a perfectly functional waterfall allocation.

PeakLife light jets

New lighting jets for Wellis PeakLife spas. In PeakLife Premium Edition spas, unique in the Wellis range, the edge of the jets also lights up, offering an impressive show.

Discover Wellis Quality

10 years warranty on the shell structure

3 years warranty for the engineering parts

Product specification


Midnight Canyon / Grey, Sterling Silver / Grey

Side cover

LightSide™ UV-proof wood textured plastic


Poli-Max™ polyurethane


LIFE Scandinavian insulation system

Water circulation

Energy-saving W-EC circulation pump (0.25 kW)

Control box

Gecko (IN.YE-5)

Control panel

2 × 1 button auxiliary control panels, SmartTouch

Water filtering

3 pcs MicroPlus filter cartridge, Crystal Clean System, In-Line WIS, Ozmix™ system

Sound system

AquaSoul™ Max 4.1 sound system

Size and Dimensions

452 kg


236 × 236 × 95 cm

Colour-therapy lighting

Lighting Life jets

Premium solutions

Smartphone™ app with WiFi, Thermo cover

Technical specification
Power requirement

1 × 25A 230V/50Hz optimum, 3 × 16A 400V/50Hz optimum

Heating unit

3 kW

Hydromassage pump

1 pc 3 HP double-speed (230V/50Hz), 1 pc 3 HP single-speed + circ. pump (1.1 kW)



Comfort solution
Amount of water

1382 l

Reclining / Sitting places

2 reclining places / 3 sitting places

Infinity jets


Total number of jets


Waterfall / fountain jets

1 pc Lighting waterfall, 2 pcs lighting flat fountain jets

Colour-therapy lighting

Lighting Life jets

Water diverter

WOW electronic water diverter

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