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Why you should buy a hot tub this summer

Why you should buy a hot tub this summer

Barely a few generations ago, whirlpools and spas were considered a real luxury item, to be enjoyed only on vacation, in a nursing home or in other exclusive places. Now, thanks to manufacturers like Wellis, hot tubs and spas are now widely available for personal use.

The reasons why spas are purchased are as varied as the people who buy them. Here are the most frequently cited factors that are used to justify the purchase of a spa:


Reason 01

  • Relaxation . With 24/7 hours, ever-increasing work hours and higher stress levels than ever before, many people want a personal retirement to unwind, relax and unwind. With home hot tubs, you don't have to travel anywhere else to enjoy the relaxing benefits of a portable  hot tub. This added convenience "no travel required" simply adds another reason to consider purchasing a hot tub!

Reason 02

  • Health . Hydrotherapy is quickly accepted as a traditional therapeutic treatment, and many other studies show how hot tubs and spas can help fight diseases and conditions like diabetes, hypertension, fibromyalgia and many more . Beyond the intriguing health aspects, just sitting in a hot tub is one of the best ways to forget about everyday stress. The path to better health often begins by leaving aside worries and concerns. Few home accessories, if any, can complement the health and stress management benefits of a hot tub or spa.

Reason 03

  • Entertainment . A place where family members can gather. A must for birthday celebrations, small meetings and other gatherings. A relaxing and well-appointed place to simply chat with friends. Whatever the mode, entertainment plays an important role for many people who own spas. Some people rank the value of entertainment as the most critical factor that solidified their spa purchase.

Reason 04

  • Family, friends and fun . Closely related to entertainment (above), this reason illustrates the human connection and emotional connection that surrounds a hot tub or spa. With a gathering seat firmly in place, many families can begin to rediscover the joys of spending time together. Few places can forge family ties such as a hot tub or spa!


6 Benefits of Buying a spa holiday home - Largest Hot tub sales this year at Dreamspas

6 Benefits of Buying a spa holiday home - Largest Hot tub sales this year at Dreamspas

Are you a landlord with your own holiday home? Then it makes sense that you would like to rent this house out as many days a year as possible. This only means extra income, and it is of course a shame if your house is empty. Do you notice that your holiday home is less rented? Or are you looking for ways to make your holiday home more popular for renters? 

Then purchasing a spa can be a very good idea. There are a number of reasons why purchasing a spa can increase tenant demand. 

We will tell you which ones they are in this blog.


Need relaxation on vacation

There is an increasing need for relaxation on vacation. In everyday life we ​​are all very busy, and there is nothing better than relaxing completely and a spa is the perfect tool for that. The tenants of your holiday home can completely relax in a spa. The warm water and the massage jets ensure this. In a Spa there is no possibility to check your mail on your smartphone or to send a message. You can do nothing but relax and let go of all stress. And that is exactly what many people need these days. In addition, there is a development in which people attach more and more value to their privacy. They want wellness, but without strangers. Of course there is also the possibility to look up a wellness outdoors, but a lot of people don't like sitting in a spa with strangers. They prefer to do this with their loved ones in a private spa. More and more people are looking for holiday homes with a spa, and you are responding perfectly!


Wider target group

A spa also makes your holiday home more attractive to a very wide target group. A spa is ideal for a couple going on holiday. They can have a romantic evening with a glass of wine in the spa. A spa is also perfect for a family holiday. While the parents can relax for a while, the children also enjoy themselves in the water. Furthermore, when booking a girlfriend weekend, attention is also often paid to the presence of wellness facilities. A spa is seen as a welcome addition by a wide audience. 


Added value

Buying a spa will make your holiday home worth more. For example, it is possible that you can add Spa as an additional feature to bookings if they want to book your holiday home. Many tenants are quite willing to pay a little more for a holiday home with wellness facilities. In addition, your holiday home increases in value, which means that it will generate more money for any sales.


Many possibilities

Do you have a holiday home in a ski resort? Or on the coast? A spa is a welcome addition everywhere, whether it be a house in the city, on the beach or in a ski resort. It is wonderful to take a nice warm bath after a day of skiing. But even after a long day of hiking during a city trip, a session in the spa offers a solution. A spa is perfect for guests looking for ultimate peace in the forest or on the beach. They can completely relax in your holiday home. You can also extend the wellness in your holiday home as far as you want. You can choose to create a complete wellness home with a steam shower, sauna, spa, private pool or walk-in shower. But the purchase of just a spa is of course also sufficient as a wellness facility.


Wellness for your own use

Do you occasionally use your holiday home yourself? Then the purchase of a spa has the additional advantage that you can enjoy it yourself. It can be wonderful to take a break from time to time and unwind in a spa.


Purchase holiday home spa

If you want to purchase a holiday home spa, there are some things to look out for. For example, it is important that a holiday home spa is vandal-proof. For example, choose a spa that can be operated with only two buttons. The water treatment, maintenance and temperature can then be controlled remotely via WiFi. You should also consider how big you would like the spa to be. How many people can you have in your holiday home? And do you want extra options for LED lighting and audio playback, for example? Also, a holiday home spa must be well maintained so that it is completely hygienic and clean. 

You can contact Dreamspas for advice on your holiday home spa. You are most welcome in our showrooms at Bristol and Cardiff  for advice from our expert staff.



There's nothing better than stepping into a crystal clear tub of bubbling water at the end of a busy day to help you unwind.  But when the water turns dull and cloudy, suddenly it doesn't look quite so appealing. Even worse, unsightly foam has appeared on the water surface!  Don't panic, your hot tub isn't faulty, these are common issues that are easy to rectify, you just need the right tools and know-how. 

Firstly, when did you last change the water in your hot tub?  Even properly maintained water will eventually start to look tired.  If it's not been emptied for a while, it may be time for a full drain and re-fill.

But before you reach for the hose, it's worth checking your Chlorine levels.  Incorrect levels of Chlorine can make the water turn cloudy and ultimately, unhealthy.  In addition, make sure that your PH levels are accurate too. These tests are easily and quickly carried out using 3-way test strips.  Make sure you always have some of these to hand.

Finally, particles that are too small for the filtration system can float about in the water, creating a cloudy appearance.  Ensuring that your filters are kept clean so that they work at their optimum best and replacing your cover whenever your hot tub is not in use will help to eliminate debris in your spa.  We also recommend keeping a spare set of filters and cleaning your filters thoroughly with Filter Cleaner.

It's always a good idea to keep a bottle of water clarifier handy too.  A weekly dose of  Water Clarifier will assist in the removal of suspended matter via the filtration system, thus restoring and maintaining the water clarity. 

If you're experiencing foam formation on the surface of your water, this is likely to be caused by body oils, creams and detergents.  You'll never be able to prevent this entirely but we can recommend washing your swimwear in cold water rather than in a washing machine.  It will help to reduce foaming in your hot tub but also prolong the life of your swimwear. 

Anti-Foam is a fast acting liquid used to prevent and destroy unsightly foam on the surface of the water.  When added directly to the hot tub, this product rapidly breaks foam down. It comes in liquid form that can be added directly to the spa water. 

If you've tried everything to restore your hot tub water to no avail, you can always reach out to our experts who will be happy to advise you. 


Safe Operation and Maintenance of Your Hot Tub [PART 1]

Safe Operation and Maintenance of Your Hot Tub [PART 1]

What should i know about hot-tub chemicals? The chemicals needed for your spa or hot tub help make it clean, safe, and more attractive to use. But, remember that these chemicals are potentially dangerous and may present some hazards if not used properly. Carefully follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the use and storage of chemicals. 

Guidelines for Using Spas and Hot Tubs

Guidelines for Using Spas and Hot Tubs

Take special precautions with young children who use spas or hot tubs. Spas and hot tubs are deep enough for children to drown in a matter of minutes! Such accidents are usually silent and often without any signs of distress at the surface. Bubbles may obscure visibility. Also, children may become ill from overheating. As a spa or hot tub owner, you may be legally liable for the safety of all persons who use your facility. You have the ultimate responsibility. Be sure your insurance policy is updated to include ownership of your spa or hot tub. However, facing ownership responsibilities does not mean taking the fun out of using your spa or hot tub. If you know about proper safety practices and use good judgment, you will find that the benefits of a spa or hot tub can far outweigh the risks. 

Here are some guidelines for using your spa or hot tub.

What goes into an Energy-Efficient Spa or Hot Tub?

What goes into an Energy-Efficient Spa or Hot Tub?

Prospective and current owners of spas or hot tubs need to know  information about energy-efficiency features so they can make informed decisions when they are ready to buy or upgrade. Many people base their purchasing choice on the lowest retail price. Often, this has an immediate—and negative—effect on their monthly electric bill. Fortunately, there are features available that will reduce energy use and lower  operating costs.

Using Your Hot Tub Safely

Using Your Hot Tub Safely

Hot tubs are an oasis of enjoyment and relaxation with many therapeutic benefits which will give owners many years of good service when looked after properly. As with many products potential risks can arise, particularly if a product is misused or neglected, but there are a number of simple steps that can be taken to ensure your hot tub or swim spa is kept safe, both when in use and when it is empty



Hottubs are made for carefree relaxation and offer a break from the stresses and strains of everyday life. They soothe the body, help the mind to unwind, and offer a sanctuary from the busy day. With a Hottub, you add more luxury and enjoyment to your precious leisure time – time which will rejuvenate and re-energise you for the challenges ahead. Spoil your body with a healing and invigorating massage that can be adapted to your specific needs thanks to systematically arranged jets and a range of different settings and programs. Atmospheric underwater LED lighting will also help you to unwind, turning your spa into a pool of beautiful colours. When the experience of massage, light and colour is combined with the sweet aromas of fine fragrances your Hottub will truly offer an oasis of relaxation for all the senses. With a Hottub, you can enjoy relaxing in style – anytime, anywhere you choose.

Hot Tub Maintenance : Keep your hot tub clean and healthy

Hot Tub Maintenance : Keep your hot tub clean and healthy

To keep clean, a hot tub needs quality and the correct amount of chemicals  to protect your hot tub pump and other parts as well as the cleanliness of the water.Every three months it’s recommended to empty the water and fill with fresh water. In addition, the water level and filtering in your spa will also affect the hot tub and must be maintained.

Our tips for spa maintenance will provide you with the information you need to carry out basic hot tub maintenance. In this way, the water will remain cleaner longer and your hot tub pump and parts will last longer. For the most part, only a few minutes investment at a time will be required for your hot tub maintenance, ensuring the luxury of a home spa year round.


Before Your Hot Tub Maintenance

Assuming that your hot tub is going to be cleaned and filled for the first time, there are a few spa maintenance tricks that will make the job easier. To begin with, use the right chemicals provided by Dreamspas Limited for cleaning your hot tub, be sure to wipe off any soap residue with wet paper towels or a wet cloth. This will prevent the water in your hot tub foaming up after it is filled, which is harmful to your hot tub pump and can become a real nuisance when the foam rises too high. In fact, bad cases of foam may require you to empty your hot tub and start your spa maintenance over again or use large amounts of foam reducer on a regular basis. When filling your hot tub, be sure to bring the water level to just above the halfway opening of the skimmer. We do not recommend using softened water of any kind for filling the spa due to the difficulty it causes in balancing your water, and possible corrosion issues to the heater.  If during spa maintenance you fill the tub too low, the hot tub pump will disengage as a safety measure or you will hear air cavitating down through the skimmer throat. The spa will then stop heating and circulating and may appear to be broken. Therefore, make checking the water level in your hot tub a routine part of your spa maintenance.


Initial Hot Tub Maintenance

First time spa maintenance (for fresh water) includes a few additional steps above and beyond routine hot tub maintenance. The hot tub chemicals below can be added into the hot tub water, while the hot tub is circulating (that is, while the hot tub pump is working).


  1. Shock. Add 2 oz (2 tablespoons) of Shock for two reasons. Firstly, shock will oxidize organisms killed by the sanitiser which will eliminate any unpleasant odors in your hot tub. Secondly, shock will activate the hot tub chemicals making them act faster.
  2. Calcium Hardness Increaser. Add 8 oz (8 tablespoons) of Calcium Hardness Increaser. This hot tub chemical will protect your hot tub pump and equipment from corrosion by increasing the hardness of the water.
  3. Granular Bromine. Add 2 oz (2 tablespoons) of granular bromine to the spa water to kick off the sanitation of your hot tub with proper bromine levels. This will allow you to use your hot tub shortly after the spa maintenance, without risk of sitting in unsafe waters.
  4. Bromine. Add bromine tablets to your bromine floater. DO NOT place tablets directly into the skimmer basket. This will keep your hot tub water clean. Tip:It's recommended to use a bromine floater as you can then determine how much bromine to release at a time
  5. Stain & Scale. Add 2 oz (2 tablespoons) of Stain & Scale to your spa water to protect your hot tub pump and equipment by preventing mineral build up.


Tip 01: Keep the hot tub pump working for 30 minutes after your spa maintenance.

Tip 02: Test the quality of the spa waters with hot tub tester strips. The colour patches that appear after dipping in the spa will tell you if you need to add or countermand any of the hot tub chemicals you used.


Weekly Hot Tub Maintenance

This weekly spa maintenance should supplement your bi or tri-weekly spa maintenance discussed below. In this step you will be adding hot tub chemicals to supplement the initial maintenance you performed on the fresh water. These hot tub chemicals should be tossed into the spa while the pump is working and the waters are bubbling.


  1. Shock. Add 1 oz (1 tablespoon) of non chlorine based Shock to keep the oxidation process going. This will eliminate odors by oxidizing dead organisms. This will also help to keep your hot tub chemicals potent. Tip: For large hot tubs increase the dose to 2 oz (2 tablespoons).
  2. Stain & Scale. Add 1 oz (1 tablespoon) of Stain & Scale to keep protecting your hot tub pump and equipment from mineral or metal buildup. Tip: For large hot tubs increase the dose to 2 oz (2 tablespoons).
  3. Bromine/Chlorine. Add Bromine or Chlorine tablets to your floater to keep the spa waters sanitized. (If unit is “Not” ozone equipped). If your spa has an ozonator installed, this step is not necessary.(NEVER MIX Bromine and Chlorine in the same body of water)


Tip 01: Keep the hot tub pump working for 30 minutes after your spa maintenance.

Tip 02: Test the quality of the spa waters with hot tub tester strips. The color patches that appear after dipping in the spa will tell you if you need to add or countermand any of the hot tub chemicals you used.


Bi-Weekly or Tri-Weekly Hot Tub Maintenance

Every two or three days, it is recommended to test the water in your hot tub. Use hot tub strips, the kind you dip in the water. The colour patches will show you exactly which chemicals should be included in your routine spa maintenance.

Based on the results add

  • Bromine/Chlorine: Add bromine/Chlorine* tablets to your bromine floater. If the bromine level is too high, reduce the size of the aperture on the floater. If they are too low, increase the size.
  • PH up. Depending on the strip test, add 1 or 2 oz (tablespoons) of PH Increaser to raise the PH level in the spa water. This will protect your hot tub pump and equipment from corrosion.

We recommend  : Dreamspas Ph Increase – 5Kg

  • PH down. Depending on the strip test, add 1 or 2 oz (tablespoons) of PH Decreaser to return the water PH to where it should be.

We recommend : Dreamspas Ph Minus – 7Kg

If alkalinity is low add TA increaser as required if high if low use PH decreaser




Ex Demo Hot Tubs for Sale, Cardiff, Bristol - Dreamspas Ltd

Ex Demo Hot Tubs for Sale, Cardiff, Bristol - Dreamspas Ltd

Dreamspas are the fastest-growing and experienced spa retail showrooms in the UK providing unparalleled customer care as you shop for purchasing luxury spas and saunas at affordable prices. We pride ourselves on listening to customers, understanding the situation better and supporting them at our best. 

Usually, there are thousands of spas and hot tubs traded every year. We are the best product and service provider in the industry very seriously and we have always been known for our product quality and innovations. Our focus continues to be providing a special offer on Ex-display stock in Dreamspas, we have more than 20 hot tubs for sale to choose from including Rio Grande Swimspa. Limited time offer, Hurry while stock lasts offer ends on 30th November save up to £3,000 on tubs. 

Why do you buy an ex demo hot tub or spa? Anyone would like to buy brand-new hot tubs or spas. However, there may be some reasons why you would buy an ex demo hot tub/spa instead of a new one. But we guarantee that you can receive a lot of benefits by purchasing our hot tubs sale. One of the main reasons why people consider ex demo hot tubs has to do with cost. In Dreamspas, you can save £3,000’s over an equivalent new hot tub. If it is your first hot tub then buying an ex demo hot tub from our sale is a great cost-effective way of becoming a hot tub owner. They’ve been on shop floor for a long time so we are giving away at a discounted price. All of our ex-demo products are entirely cleaned, checked inside and out and then carefully tested by our well-trained technicians. 

Hot Tub Help For Stressed Exam-Exhausted Teens!

Hot Tub Help For Stressed Exam-Exhausted Teens!

Door Slamming.
Emotional Meltdowns.
Mercurial tempers and tears.
Exam preparation paralysis.

It’s the sign of exam season for many teenagers and one that the whole family gets to experience. It’s the most stressful part of a teenagers life as so many dreams and aspirations are at the start of the exam process and during the exams there’s stress and anxiety; wondering whether questions were answered correctly, whilst anticipating the next exam in the next subject. Then post exam stress; whether they’ll get a brown envelope in August holding success or disappointment.

Hot Tub Maintenance Basics

Hot Tub Maintenance Basics

Whether you have a wood fired hot tub or a high end hydrotherapy spa you’ll need to look at basic hot tub maintenance to keep your hot tub working perfectly so that you can enjoy the stress-relieving and wellness benefits. Here are 6 top tips on keeping your tub maintained and saving you hundreds of pounds in the process!

Supporting Your Wellbeing with DreamSpas

Supporting Your Wellbeing with DreamSpas

There are many wellbeing advantages with Spas and saunas such as stress relief, improved blood circulation, hydrotherapy, deep relaxation to name a few, When we discovered for ourselves the positive effects we wanted to promote & offer them to you, our customers, at affordable prices whilst maintaining quality of the product.

Our garden spas enable you to escape the hustle and bustle and create your self-care space where you can immerse yourself in the warm waters and let the hydro-massage lull your tired muscles into deep relaxation. Use the colour changing light to enhance your relaxation with some colour moods. Embrace your senses with aromatic infusions, allowing you to choose your favourite aroma to transport you into your tranquil and serene space. And why not add some restful and inspirational music through to make your sanctuary restful and indulgent?

DreamSpas Launch New Line of Water Care Products

DreamSpas Launch New Line of Water Care Products

It is essential to keep your hot tub water hygienic by treating it with chemicals and regularly changing your filters, regardless of how long or how frequently you use your hot tub. Correct water treatment will ensure the safety of the hot tub bathers, reduce how often you have to replace the water and also prolong the lifespan of your pump.

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