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What you know about hydro massage?

What you know about hydro massage?

The effect of water is extraordinary. Whether you want to unwind from the tension of everyday life, or just want to massage your stiff muscles and joints, hydro massage provides a pleasant rejuvenation - and all this under natural conditions.


Bathing culture is not an unknown concept. Water, as a primordial element, is the source of life and is therefore an ideal medium for the human body. It gives you the peace of mind of floating in your womb at the right temperature. Its effect on body and soul is unique and cannot be replaced by chemicals and other methods.


Hydro massage is nothing more than a blood circulation-enhancing massage achieved with the right balance of water and air. During bathing, the body temperature rises, blood circulation speeds up, blood pressure decreases. The amount of oxygen and nutrients delivered to the cells multiplies. In addition, the pores of the skin dilate, the tissues and muscles relax. These effects can be increased by hydro massage, which is recommended for musculoskeletal and rheumatic complaints, for the relief of circulatory and metabolic disorders, and for the prevention of varicose veins and cellulite.


Of course, the effect of hydro massage in the treatment of stress and fatigue cannot be neglected either. The weight of the body submerged in the water is reduced by 90%, so the muscles and joints are freed from the load so that you can float weightlessly in the healing water. The mixture of warm water and air forms the water jet of the hydro massage, which performs the massage operation. This powerful jet of water relaxes tense muscles and stimulates endorphin production, the body’s natural painkiller. Of course, hydro massage offers much more than a good massage. The pleasantly bubbling warm water provides both mental and emotional refreshment. Fifty minutes in the morning and your day is off to a good start. A dip in the evening before bed and you will definitely sleep deeply and peacefully. Once tried, you will use it every day.





When it comes to water maintenance, two main characteristics need to be monitored in order to ensure balance: pH and alkalinity. pH is the number corresponding with the acidity of the water and alkalinity is the water’s ability to resist changes to pH. If these measurements get too out of balance, the hot tub comfort, performance and longevity may deteriorate over time. Regulating chemicals used to manage these characteristics include Dreamspa Total Alkalinity Plus, pH Plus, and pH Minus.


It’s also important to manage unwanted dirt and bacteria in your hot tub. These have the potential to make your spa water appear cloudy or foamy. To gauge water health, you should monitor levels of chlorine or bromine as needed to effectively kill bacteria. 

The quantity of chemicals used to maintain your spa water has to do with your hot tub features as well as the frequency of hot tub use and number of users. If your spa has an ozone or UV-C steriliser system, these systems effectively break down contaminants, leaving cleaner water and reduced dependence on sanitisers.


Regular use of chlorine or bromine sanitisers will help to control bacteria in the water,  while a more concentrated treatment is used for “shocking” the tub when usage is high and/or the water starts to appear cloudy.




Even when you keep up with water care, it’s still good to change your spa water periodically. Wellis typically recommend draining and refilling water every three to four months, depending on usage and visible water conditions. 


Each Wellis tub has a drain point that can be connected to a garden hose. Run the hose to the nearest sewerage access - often this will be where your house rainwater downpipe drains away.

Alternatively a submersible pump may be used, which can drain the tub more quickly.


  1. Turn off the power at the isolator.
  2. Locate the drain, which is usually located near the base of one of the exterior cabinet sides.
  3. Remove the drain dust cover, pull the drain out (usually with a slight clockwise turn)
  4. Attach a standard garden hose connector to the drain spout to activate the drain. 
  5. Once completely drained, pull the drain spout all the way out, remove the hose, replace the drain dust cap, and push the drain back into the spa.

It’s important to note that certain substances should never be used on your hot tub shell since they could harm the surface and even void the warranty. Examples include alcohol, acetone, nail polish, lacquer thinners, petrol, pine oil, or abrasive cleaners. The exterior cabinet of your spa can collect dirt and dust left by blowing wind and weather conditions. These outer surfaces can easily be cleaned at any time with a damp cloth and Dreamspas Spa Cleaner which contains waxes and UV protection.




Here are the basic steps to cleaning a hot tub filter: 


  1. Turn the tub off.
  2. Remove the filter cartridge(s) from the housing.
  3. Spray the filtration material with a high-pressure hose, working from top to bottom to remove any solids and buildup. Do NOT use a brush on the fibrous material as it could cause damage and affect the filter’s effectiveness. 


Every two to three months, you should soak the filter in Dreamspa Filter Cleaner overnight, then rinse thoroughly before refitting to the tub.

13 Amp vs. 32 Amp Hot Tub

13 Amp vs. 32 Amp Hot Tub

This debate has emerged from the popularity of 'plug & play' or 13 amp hot tubs, as consumers look to narrow down their options based on the power supply required for a specific hot tub. 

But what does it all mean? In this article we will explain the differences between 13 amp and 32 amp hot tubs, how running costs may or may not be affected and how you should approach this as a buyer, as well as some frequently asked questions. 

What is a 13 amp Hot Tub?

A 13 amp hot tub (also known as a plug & play hot tub) only requires power from a standard 3 pin plug. These hot tubs barely existed 20 years ago but with consumers looking for savings on electrical installations for hot tubs, they have become very popular. They also tend to be a popular upgrade from an inflatable hot tub as they can use the same electrical supply and as explained further down tend to lead to lighter electric bills!

What is a 32 amp Hot Tub? 

A 32 amp hot tub requires a 32 amp electrical supply and therefore CANNOT be powered using a standard 3 pin plug. We will explain why they require more power below. 

What is The Difference Between 13 amp and 32 amp Hot Tubs?


The 13 amp plug & play hot tubs can be plugged directly into an outdoor RCD protected socket and as most households already have these in place there is no expense required for an electrician.

A 32 amp hot tub will require its own dedicated feed and needs to be installed by a fully qualified electrician with certification in order to meet building regulations. 


13 amp hot tubs will have either a single two-speed pump or one jet pump and a smaller circulation pump.  Although the performance is modest, features such as diverter valves will allow the power to be directed to a chosen seat to provide a more powerful massage. 

32 amp hot tubs are fitted with two or more pumps, with some models having as many as five pumps to provide a more powerful massage experience without compromise.


On a 13 amp hot tub, the heater CANNOT run concurrently with the jet pump. This means that when the jets are on, the heater will automatically turn off.  On a mild or warm day this won't tend to have an impact but on a cold day, if the heater does not run alongside the pumps, the hot tub could cool quite quickly when in use. For a well insulated 13 amp hot tub this won't be a huge issue but for hot tubbers who like a long soak, it is worth knowing and considering.

On most 32 amp hot tubs you can run the pumps and heater together. 

A 13 amp hot tub will also be capped at a 2kw heater, whereas all Wellis 32 amp hot tubs are fitted with 3kw heaters as standard.



13 amp hot tubs generally have fewer jets due to the limited pump power. The 32 amp hot tubs will have more jets.  

The power provided by the pumps will be divided between the number of jets fitted, however Wellis hot tubs are fitted with diverters, air valves and individual isolators which allow you to direct power to specific seats, intensify the experience and personalise your favourite seat. 

Running Cost

A 13 amp hot tub tends to be cheaper to run than a 32 amp hot tub for the reasons above. A 13 amp hot tub has fewer pumps, fewer jets and a more basic control system so if running costs are paramount, you should find savings when purchasing a 13 amp spa.

The Cost of Installing the Electrical Supply

The cost of adding an outdoor 13 amp socket can be significantly lower than installing a 32 amp feed with an isolator. This will be an important consideration for hot tub owners.

A rough estimate to install an outdoor socket would be between £150-£450. Dreamspas offer a certified service to install a 32 amp supply for £495.00, subject to survey. You must ensure that you consult a qualified electrician when looking to install an electrical supply for a hot tub. Dreamspas are happy to provide electrical specifications, should you wish to use your own qualified electrician.

Purchase Price

13 amp hot tubs will have fewer components than the larger 32 amp models which ultimately means the purchase price of the hot tub will be lower.

Here is a table showing the key differences between a 13 amp and 32 amp hot tub:


Hot Tub Running Costs (13 Amp vs. 32 Amp)

How much does a 13 amp hot tub cost to run?

Many factors come into play when comparing hot tub running costs. It is not possible to simply say that all 13 amp hot tubs cost £X to run per week as the quality of insulation and specification varies across the market. Wellis Hot Tubs are all designed to be energy efficient with low running costs. An example running cost of a 13 amp hot tub from Wellis Hot Tub would be the Wellis MyLine Jupiter which has an estimated average electricity cost of £10.00 per week. (again depending on many factors this would be changed) 

How much does a 32 amp hot tub cost to run?

Same as the above, we cannot give a set running cost for all 32 amp hot tubs as these hot tubs vary so much in quality. An example 32 amp hot tub from Wellis is the CityLine Malaga which has an estimated running cost of £12.00 per week (Again many factors will be effecting this). As you will see, the difference in running cost between a 13 amp and 32 amp model is minimal for a brand like Wellis due to the high quality insulation and components used across our range of spas. 


Both 13 amp and 32 amp hot tubs have advantages, 13 amp models are easier to install and connect, whilst the 32 amp ensures better performance and comfort.

For help or advice on deciding on the right hot tub for you, contact us on 0333 344 8370 or email us

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Water Purification & UV-C Sanitisation

Water Purification & UV-C Sanitisation

Water Purification & UV-C Sanitisation

All Wellis spas use a multi-stage filtration and sanitation system that ensures crystal clear, safe bathing water with the minimum of user input, meaning you don't have to do anything!



The process starts with our special antimicrobial cartridge filters. Once the spa water has been filtered it passes through the heater and then the eco-circulation pump. Next it is passed through UV-C water sanitizer lamp or in. Clear automatic water treatment system, or you can also equip your spa with automatic chemical dosing systems.



The Wellis UV-C water sanitization brings the latest advances in UV-C water treatment technology to domestic Spas. This water treatment is hypo-allergenic and practicably 100% effective in destroying bacteria, viruses and water bourn contaminates. Using just a tiny amount of power, it will silently, safely, and automatically treat the entire spa bathing water, many times each day, ensuring crystal clear, natural quality bathing water for you and your family, whilst minimizing the use of additional sanitizers. ADVANTAGES - Ensures fresh, clean and clear water - Disinfects water efficiently and safely - Bound chlorine is broken down by UV-C light - Protects your water from germs - Can reduce the use of chorine and other chemicals by up to 80% - Prevents the smell of chlorine and avoids irritation of the skin and eyes (red eyes) - The lamp has a UV-C output of 11 Watt - Simple maintenance


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Spa Cover Lifter : How to find the right one?

Spa Cover Lifter : How to find the right one?

Cover lifters make it quick and easy to lift your hot tub cover off and on.

The right cover lifter can also extend the life of your cover by reducing wear and tear, make your hot tub experience more enjoyable and even make your hot tub look better than ever. Without a doubt the most valuable aspect about having a cover lifter installed on your hot tub is how much easier it becomes to use your spa. The easier that it becomes to use your hot tub the more likely you will use it day in and day out.

Let’s face it, often time is the hardest part of using your hot tub is dealing with the unwieldy cover. They’re heavy, clunky and awkward.

Then, once you do get the cover off the tub, where do you put it? On the ground where dirt and tree needles stick to the cover?  That’s where a good Spa Cover Lifter comes into play. There’s lots of options, so let’s make sure you make the best selection for you and your spa.

Lift Type

The whole point of a cover lift is to make it easier to use your hot tub. To that end, lifts employ a few different methods of removing the cover:

Fulcrum – Uses a mechanical advantage to make raising and lowering the cover easier. You still lift, but it’s much easier.

Lazy Lifter uses a fulcrum design to make lifting much easier.

  • Pros: Inexpensive & easy to install
  • Cons: Still requires some effort to open and close the cover

Hydraulic Assist – In addition to mechanical advantage, hydraulic cylinders assist in the lifting work.

Our Covermate III uses mechanical advantage and gas shocks to effortlessly lift the cover.

  • Pros: The easiest cover lift to use since it does all the lifting work
  • Cons: Usually more expensive than other types & more difficult to assemble

Slide – Not a cover lifter per se, but rollers mounted to the back of the spa, onto which the cover slides.

The Slider Spa Cover Roller simply provides a shelf for the cover to sit on while the spa is in use.

  • Pros: Least expensive of all options & still very easy to use
  • Cons: Takes up the most space when spa is in use

Mounting Type

Side – This type mounts directly to the side cabinet of your spa.

The Cover Valet is a side mount hydraulic lifter.

  • Pros: Fairly simple to install onto the spa.
  • Cons: Cabinet onto which the lifter mounts must be able to support the weight of the cover and lift.

Under – Mounting feet slide under the spa, using the weight of the tub to secure the lifter.

The Cover Captain is an under mount lifter that uses a hydraulic shock for ease of use.

  • Pros: No drilling into your cabinet
  • Cons: Must drain that spa and lift it (slightly) to install

Tub Size & Shape

The shape of your tub will play an important role in which lifter will work with your spa. Some lifters only work on round or octagon spas, while others only work with rectangular tubs. This could limit your choices.

Additionally, the size of your tub will be a factor. Most lifters will accommodate a cover that’s up to 96” square. Larger spas may require the purchase of additional brackets or longer pivot arms.

The lifter will clearly outline what shapes and sizes it will accommodate. 

Required Clearance

As you’d imagine, the lifter is going to need some room to operate. The lifter will have all required clearances listed, and you’re going to want to make sure you have that room available.

Also keep in mind, even if you have the minimum clearance required, more room is better. Being able to walk around or beside the spa could come in handy. 

Cover Position While Using the Spa

Some lifters allow the cover to nestle right beside the spa, providing an unobstructed 360° view. Other lifters allow the cover to sit higher, creating a privacy wall.

You’ll want to consider whether a privacy wall is a beneficial addition to your spa, or whether a 360° view is more important.


As you can see, finding that perfect spa cover lift is going to take some special attention. The good news is once it’s installed and working perfectly, you’re going to get much more use out of your spa.


Why you should buy a hot tub this summer

Why you should buy a hot tub this summer

Barely a few generations ago, whirlpools and spas were considered a real luxury item, to be enjoyed only on vacation, in a nursing home or in other exclusive places. Now, thanks to manufacturers like Wellis, hot tubs and spas are now widely available for personal use.

The reasons why spas are purchased are as varied as the people who buy them. Here are the most frequently cited factors that are used to justify the purchase of a spa:


Reason 01

  • Relaxation . With 24/7 hours, ever-increasing work hours and higher stress levels than ever before, many people want a personal retirement to unwind, relax and unwind. With home hot tubs, you don't have to travel anywhere else to enjoy the relaxing benefits of a portable  hot tub. This added convenience "no travel required" simply adds another reason to consider purchasing a hot tub!

Reason 02

  • Health . Hydrotherapy is quickly accepted as a traditional therapeutic treatment, and many other studies show how hot tubs and spas can help fight diseases and conditions like diabetes, hypertension, fibromyalgia and many more . Beyond the intriguing health aspects, just sitting in a hot tub is one of the best ways to forget about everyday stress. The path to better health often begins by leaving aside worries and concerns. Few home accessories, if any, can complement the health and stress management benefits of a hot tub or spa.

Reason 03

  • Entertainment . A place where family members can gather. A must for birthday celebrations, small meetings and other gatherings. A relaxing and well-appointed place to simply chat with friends. Whatever the mode, entertainment plays an important role for many people who own spas. Some people rank the value of entertainment as the most critical factor that solidified their spa purchase.

Reason 04

  • Family, friends and fun . Closely related to entertainment (above), this reason illustrates the human connection and emotional connection that surrounds a hot tub or spa. With a gathering seat firmly in place, many families can begin to rediscover the joys of spending time together. Few places can forge family ties such as a hot tub or spa!


Hydrotherapy - Aromatherapy &  Hot Tubs Health Benefits

Hydrotherapy - Aromatherapy & Hot Tubs Health Benefits

What is Hydrotherapy? 

The practice of using water, ice or steam to enhance health, prevent and treat disease, release stress and tension, and recover muscles from daily activity. 

  • Egyptians used hot baths to ease pain and invoke relaxation by placing sizzling rocks into water. 
  • In Ancient Greece, elaborate structures were built around natural hot springs as early-day hospitals and meeting places.
  • Roman soldiers routinely used hot wells to recover from their physical and emotional wounds. 


What is the right water temperature? 

 - Cold immersion baths : helps to stimulate the nervous and circulatory systems.

 - Hot Baths : are ideal to relax the body. relieve stress and insomnia.


How long should I stay in a hot tub?

You should soak somewhere between  15-30 minutes at a time. . Bathing in hot water for a long time can cause nausea, dizziness or fainting. 

Hot Tub Health Benefits 

There are things that can't be cured by a good bath but I can't think of one..


  1. Improves heart function: Cardiac volume increases by nearly one-third with immersion to the neck, meaning your heart gets a cardiovascular workout.


  1. Helps lower back pain: A hot bath is a great way to bring healing warmth to your lower back. Heat stimulates blood flow, which brings healing nutrients to the affected area of the low back and inhibits the pain messages being sent to the brain. 


  1. Better sleep: A hot bath prompts relaxation and an increase in body temperature helps you fall asleep faster and sleep more soundly. 


  1. Revitalizes the skin : Adding a few tablespoons of sea salt to warm water regenerates damaged cells and stimulates skin functions. The use of sponges helps remove dead skin cells and increases blood circulation. 


  1. Helps relieve arthritis: Immersing in warm water raises your body temperature, causing your blood vessels to dilate and increasing Relieves circulation. This results in Reduced less swelling and pain, and muscle pain increases mobility. Water buoyancy reduces the weight that joints, bones, and muscles have to bear. Warmth and pressure of water also reduce swelling and reduces load on painful joints.

  1. Purifies your lungs: A hot water bath allows the body to lose toxins through sweating. Adding a few drops of eucalyptus oil to hot water and inhaling the steam will purify your lungs and help sooth sore throat, congestion and sinus problems. 


  1. Releases stress. Ten minutes of immersion in hot water produces increases in pulse and finger temperature with increased feelings of well-being and decreased anxiety. 


  1. Reduce Sugar Level : Study showed that sugar levels of diabetics who immersed themselves in a hot water tub everyday for 20-30 minutes a day for three weeks, had reduced by 13%


  1. Relieves muscle pain : Stimulates the release of endorphins - chemicals that kill pain and improve mood - and improves blood flow meaning that oxygen and nutrients can more quickly and effectively remove pain causing lactic acid that accumulates in muscles during intense workouts.

Aromatherapy and hot tubs 


Therapeutic benefits: 

Adding some blends can enhance the hot tub experience and provide various benefits. There are numerous therapeutic benefits of aromatherapy products, including being natural remedies for aches and pains, having anti-inflammatory effects, muscle relaxation for tension and stress, and skin moisturization. 


  • Lemon. Stimulates the mind, but it also calms the emotions. 
  • Mint. Relieves tension, stimulates the senses. 
  • Clary Sage. Anti-depressant, mood balancer, relief from nervous tension.

Dreamspas Limited has become the UK's leading wellness expert within a short period of time, providing exceptional hot tubs, swim spas and saunas alongside an awesome customer experience with  ultimate wellness experience.You can relax to a hydrotherapy massage, get a total body workout with exercise bands, row bars and an aqua bike or swim endlessly in our infinity edge swim spa

We promote health through hydrotherapy. For 17 years of Wellis Europe innovation, design and quality has defined our spas - but our passion has always been Wellness. 

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Turn your bathroom into a real spa

Turn your bathroom into a real spa

Do you ever go to a wellness spa for a day? Where you can enjoy the hot tubs, saunas and steam baths? Then you have probably fantasized about what it would be like to have this experience in your own bathroom! Fortunately, there are endless possibilities to turn your own bathroom into a spa, so you can relax and enjoy yourself in your own home.

A spa-model bathroom

A bathroom as a spa naturally starts with the design. When your bathroom is still fully equipped with standard white tiles, it does not radiate luxury and tranquility. Choose earth tones and pieces with, for example, mosaic or pebbles. Make sure there is heating in the bathroom, because it is nice when it is warm. And a toilet in the bathroom? That is of course not really appropriate for the spa model. For example, choose to make a separate toilet upstairs and take it out of the bathroom.

A hot tub in the bathroom

When you think of a wellness spa, you naturally think of a hot tub . But is a hot tub in the bathroom possible? Does that fit and is it not very expensive? Fortunately, Jacuzzis and spas come in many different shapes and sizes. You can opt for a hot tub for two people, but also for a spa for five, if you have a larger bathroom. Of course, the hot tub does not have to be free, as long as you can access it from one side. It is of course important that the hot tub can be connected correctly.

A sauna in the bathroom

Just relax, but rather not in the water? A wellness spa naturally also includes a sauna! Who doesn't dream of having their own sauna at home or even in the bathroom? If you would like to have your own sauna, you can choose from different types. If you like a wonderfully steaming sauna, choose a Finnish sauna . If you suffer from shortness of breath in a Finnish sauna or if you would like to sit in the sauna for a bit longer, opt for an infrared sauna . Read here what the difference is between a Finnish sauna and an infrared sauna.

Consult specialists for a spa as a bathroom!

If you want to have your bathroom converted into a wellness spa, it is smart to hire specialists for this. It is best to do this if you are already planning to remodel your bathroom. Go to a real bathroom specialist for that! You can of course go to Dreamspas to purchase and connect a hot tub and sauna. We are happy to advise you on the right hot tub or sauna for you and ensure that you can enjoy your spa endlessly . For more information please contact us or visit our showroom !

Dreamspas Limited has become the UK's leading wellness expert within a short period of time, providing exceptional hot tubs, swim spas and saunas alongside an awesome customer experience with  ultimate wellness experience.You can relax to a hydrotherapy massage, get a total body workout with exercise bands, row bars and an aqua bike or swim endlessly in our infinity edge swim spa

We promote health through hydrotherapy. For 17 years of Wellis Europe innovation, design and quality has defined our spas - but our passion has always been Wellness. 

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The perfect Maintenance schedule for a hot tub or Spa

The perfect Maintenance schedule for a hot tub or Spa

By now, the weather has grown hot, and most homeowners have opned their swimming pools for the summer. In fact, the heated water of a hot tub can be especially luxurious when the outside temperature drops. Of course, if you want to enjoy your hot tub year-round, you also need to maintain it 365 days a year. Daily maintenance doesn’t have to be time-consuming. Even less regular maintenance can go pretty quickly once you get the hang of it. The main thing is developing a good schedule sticking to it. So what is the perfect  maintenance schedule for a hot tub or spa?Here’s a great sample schedule from the pros at Dreamspas.


If you want to get the most out of your hot tub, you will need to be sure that you don’t skip maintenance chores. The easiest way to do that is to have a set schedule.



This is hardly more than a quick glance

  1. Is the cover ON? - Make sure the cover is on securely
  2. Water Temperature - If the temperature is stable, you are done
  3. Inspect Cover - Check for tears or other obvious damages


Three times a week

Spending 5 or 10 minutes every couple of days will save you time and money

  1. Test the water - check the pH alkalinity, and chlorine levels once a week try to get everything properly adjusted.
  2. Shock - You can use chlorine based or non-chlorine shock. Leave the cover off for a few hours afterward to let the chemical off-gas
  3. Rinse Filter - Remove the filter and rinse it with plain tap water
  4. Clean Cover - Use a wet cloth and some cleaning fluid or very diluted bleach. Clean top and bottom



Every month, you will need to do a slightly more intense cleaning. You can synchronize your monthly check with you daily and weekly checks to save time.

  1. Chemical Rise : Rise your filter with specialized filter cleaning chemicals.
  2. Inspect Jets : Make sure each jet is working and there is no external damage like cracks or loose parts.
  3. Professional Test : Bring your water to a pool store for professional testing


Once a season 

There are certain types of deep cleaning and maintenance that you really only need to bother with about 4 times a year. We suggest doing it at the changes of seasons to keep it simple.

  1. Clean Cabinet: Use a brush and the appropriate cleaning fluid for the material of your hot tub cabinet,
  2. Drain and Cleaning : Do a deep clean on the entire shell. Take note of any damage, like chips or cracks, and call professional if you need repairs
  3. Refill and Adjust : When you;ve refilled the hot tub, test the water and adjust it until your alkalinity, pH and sanitizer levels are where they should be.
  4. Soak Filter : While you are cleaning and refilling the tub, soak the filter in a chemical filter cleaning solution.



Once a year , preferably right around the same time each year, you should do a full tune up.


  1. Flush Plumbing : This gets rid of bacterial and biofilm that builds up over time.
  2. Hardware and Wiring : inspect hardware and wiring : Inspect hardware and wiring Weather, pests, Chemicals and everyday wear and tear can all take a toll.
  3. Professional Tune-Up : Dreamspas maintenance professional will look at every aspect of your hot tub or sapa and make any necessary repairs.
  4. Inspect Cover : Take a close look for mold, water absorption, and cracks in the lining.


Professional Hot Tub and Spa Maintenance

As you can see, maintaining your hot tub or spa is simple, but it does take some time and consistency. If you want to do it on your own, we recommend keeping a good schedule and making sure you stick to it. However, sometimes you may not have the time or the will to do it on your own. If that’s the case, don’t just leave your hot tub to fend for itself. It isn’t self-maintaining, and neglect can end up costing you more money in repairs and reduced lifespan.


Instead, contact Dreamspas to arrange for cleaning and maintenance services. Whether you want us to come in and to your seasonal tasks or you want us there weekly, we’re here to help. We want you to enjoy your hot tub or spa for years to come. Contact us today to get started.


Dreamspas Limited has become the UK's leading wellness expert within a short period of time, providing exceptional hot tubs, swim spas and saunas alongside an awesome customer experience with  ultimate wellness experience.You can relax to a hydrotherapy massage, get a total body workout with exercise bands, row bars and an aqua bike or swim endlessly in our infinity edge swim spa

We promote health through hydrotherapy. For 17 years of Wellis Europe innovation, design and quality has defined our spas - but our passion has always been Wellness. 

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The Eight Dimensions of Wellness

The Eight Dimensions of Wellness

Wellness is an active process of being aware and making choices toward a healthy and fulfilling life. wellness is more than being free from illness is an ongoing process change and growth there are eight to mentions of wellness 

  1. Emotional 
  2. Environmental 
  3. Financial 
  4. Intellectual 
  5. Occupational 
  6. Physical 
  7. Social and 
  8. Spiritual 

Each dimension of wellness is interconnected with the others and all are equally important in the pursuit of optimum health.

One can reach an optimal level by understanding how to maintain and improve each dimension and by creating balance understand your feelings express them to people you trust and maintain a positive outlook. it's important to pay attention to self-care, relaxation, stress reduction and the development of inner resources so you can learn and grow from your experience.

Find surroundings that encourage good physical and mental health and also where you feel safe a positive environment has a calming effect. 

Environmental wellness inspires to live a lifestyle that is aware and respectful of our surroundings. Make it a point to understand your finances money plays a critical role in our lives and not having enough impact health as well as academic performance establish good financial habits and plan for the future.  Be a lifelong learner by expanding your knowledge and finding creative outlets that stimulate your mind and sense of curiosity 

Be open to new ideas insights and wisdom actively participate in Scholastic cultural and community activities, Look for satisfaction from things you're passionate about whether they are part of work school or volunteering find ways to engage in occupational endeavors and feel appreciation for the value in your contribution 

Reduce your risk from many illnesses by increasing activity levels according to your ability get restfull sleep at night. (with  a hottub hydrotherapy theraphy, you get a total body workout which leads to restful sleep) 

Choose healthy foods and explore the outdoors to reduce stress and increase energy levels a sense of belonging and a reliable support system help during difficult times make at least one social connection daily seek advice from peers or support groups and create healthy friendships. 

Enhancing your connections to self nature and others brings balance and peace to your life disconnect from distractions and be mindful. Discover what values and beliefs are most important to you.

Striving to maintain or make small improvements to the eight diemention of wellness is the key to your overall health that pursuit of continued growth and balance and the eight dimensions of wellness will lead to a better quality of life in this module you will explore each dimension and how nutrition plays a vital role in being the best you.

Wellness means overall well-being of a person’s life. all these, such as choosing healthy foods, forming strong relationships, and exercising often, into everyday habits can help people live longer and improve quality of life.


Relax to a hydrotherapy massage, get a total body workout with a Swimspa, enjoy a restful sleep

Dreamspas hot tub offer

Dreamspas Limited has become the UK's leading wellness expert within a short period of time, providing exceptional hot tubs, swim spas and saunas alongside an awesome customer experience with  ultimate wellness experience.You can relax to a hydrotherapy massage, get a total body workout with exercise bands, row bars and an aqua bike or swim endlessly in our infinity edge swim spa

We promote health through hydrotherapy. For 17 years of Wellis Europe innovation, design and quality has defined our spas - but our passion has always been Wellness. 

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6 Benefits of Buying a spa holiday home - Largest Hot tub sales this year at Dreamspas

6 Benefits of Buying a spa holiday home - Largest Hot tub sales this year at Dreamspas

Are you a landlord with your own holiday home? Then it makes sense that you would like to rent this house out as many days a year as possible. This only means extra income, and it is of course a shame if your house is empty. Do you notice that your holiday home is less rented? Or are you looking for ways to make your holiday home more popular for renters? 

Then purchasing a spa can be a very good idea. There are a number of reasons why purchasing a spa can increase tenant demand. 

We will tell you which ones they are in this blog.


Need relaxation on vacation

There is an increasing need for relaxation on vacation. In everyday life we ​​are all very busy, and there is nothing better than relaxing completely and a spa is the perfect tool for that. The tenants of your holiday home can completely relax in a spa. The warm water and the massage jets ensure this. In a Spa there is no possibility to check your mail on your smartphone or to send a message. You can do nothing but relax and let go of all stress. And that is exactly what many people need these days. In addition, there is a development in which people attach more and more value to their privacy. They want wellness, but without strangers. Of course there is also the possibility to look up a wellness outdoors, but a lot of people don't like sitting in a spa with strangers. They prefer to do this with their loved ones in a private spa. More and more people are looking for holiday homes with a spa, and you are responding perfectly!


Wider target group

A spa also makes your holiday home more attractive to a very wide target group. A spa is ideal for a couple going on holiday. They can have a romantic evening with a glass of wine in the spa. A spa is also perfect for a family holiday. While the parents can relax for a while, the children also enjoy themselves in the water. Furthermore, when booking a girlfriend weekend, attention is also often paid to the presence of wellness facilities. A spa is seen as a welcome addition by a wide audience. 


Added value

Buying a spa will make your holiday home worth more. For example, it is possible that you can add Spa as an additional feature to bookings if they want to book your holiday home. Many tenants are quite willing to pay a little more for a holiday home with wellness facilities. In addition, your holiday home increases in value, which means that it will generate more money for any sales.


Many possibilities

Do you have a holiday home in a ski resort? Or on the coast? A spa is a welcome addition everywhere, whether it be a house in the city, on the beach or in a ski resort. It is wonderful to take a nice warm bath after a day of skiing. But even after a long day of hiking during a city trip, a session in the spa offers a solution. A spa is perfect for guests looking for ultimate peace in the forest or on the beach. They can completely relax in your holiday home. You can also extend the wellness in your holiday home as far as you want. You can choose to create a complete wellness home with a steam shower, sauna, spa, private pool or walk-in shower. But the purchase of just a spa is of course also sufficient as a wellness facility.


Wellness for your own use

Do you occasionally use your holiday home yourself? Then the purchase of a spa has the additional advantage that you can enjoy it yourself. It can be wonderful to take a break from time to time and unwind in a spa.


Purchase holiday home spa

If you want to purchase a holiday home spa, there are some things to look out for. For example, it is important that a holiday home spa is vandal-proof. For example, choose a spa that can be operated with only two buttons. The water treatment, maintenance and temperature can then be controlled remotely via WiFi. You should also consider how big you would like the spa to be. How many people can you have in your holiday home? And do you want extra options for LED lighting and audio playback, for example? Also, a holiday home spa must be well maintained so that it is completely hygienic and clean. 

You can contact Dreamspas for advice on your holiday home spa. You are most welcome in our showrooms at Bristol and Cardiff  for advice from our expert staff.

Four health benefits of an infrared cabin

Four health benefits of an infrared cabin

If you would like to purchase a sauna, you can opt for a traditional Finnish sauna or an infrared cabin. Where a Finnish sauna heats the room by means of a heat source, this is done in an infrared cabin by means of infrared radiation. The air temperature is much lower here, making it a lot less stuffy in the cabin. Your muscles and the rest of your body also heat up a lot better in an infrared cabin. In addition, it has even more benefits for your health.


1. Better resistance

When you sweat, waste products leave your body. If you have a lot of waste products in your body, you are more likely to get sick. By visiting an infrared cabin, you sweat all these waste products from your body. In addition, a visit to the infrared cabin also contributes to better resistance. Infrared cabins help to produce antibodies and white blood cells, which in turn help fight diseases. 

People often get sick when the weather changes.. If you regularly sit in an infrared cabin, your body becomes accustomed to temperature changes, which makes you less sensitive to it when the seasons change.


2. Better sports performance

If you are an active athlete, a visit to the infrared cabin can also contribute to better sports performance. First of all, it ensures that your body gets used to high temperatures more and more, and can therefore handle it better. When you exercise, your body naturally gets heated. Because you are used to this, you can continue exercising with a heated body for longer.


3. Relaxation after exercise

After exercise, it is of course important that you relax properly and that you give your muscles a rest. A visit to the infrared cabin makes your muscles recover faster, which also reduces the chance of muscle pain. It is wise not to go into the infrared cabin for too long after exercise, or to do this before you exercise.


4. Listen to your body!

There are several effects that a visit to the infrared cabin can have on your body and your health. However, it is important to listen to your own body. Everybody is different! If you find that you have not been able to sit in the cabin for a long time, it is recommended to build it up slowly. This way you get the most benefit from your sauna.

Using My Hot Tubs and Sauna During COVID-19 Outbreak

Using My Hot Tubs and Sauna During COVID-19 Outbreak


Can CoronaVirus be spread in a hot tub?

The good news is that so long as the usual recommended hygiene standards are upheld, there is no increased risk.

A well-run, clean Hot Tub with appropriately treated water using chlorine at internationally accepted levels should provide adequate disinfection to neutralise the COVID-19 virus.

Given that the virus is a new one, experts cannot say with absolute certainty that it will be safe. However, most authorities believe that pool and spa waters that are adequately disinfected should not spread the disease. A bigger risk will be the face-to-face interaction between individual users of the pools and spas.

Continue following all the regular advice about not shaking hands and coughing/sneezing into a tissue and disposing of it immediately.

Maintenance is the Key

  1. Owners/Managers of Swimming pools, hot tubs and spas should always follow the guidelines for their particular type/size. This is still the case. They must refer to the relevant product guides for details.
  2. Operators should ensure chlorine levels in pools and spas are kept between 1-3mg/l with the pH between 6.8-7.4. Spa pools that use bromine need to maintain their water at 4-6mg/l bromine or 3-5mg/l chlorine. If applied correctly, the chlorine will kill germs, including those associated with Covid-19.
  3. Routine tests for microbiological quality should also be undertaken in line with national guidelines.


"Doing your own inspection before you get into any treated water, including: checking the water’s pH and free chlorine or bromine concentration. Test strips can test pH levels and free chlorine or bromine levels and can be found at most hardware and pool supply stores.


Best practices for pool/Spa safety

  1. Spa users who feel unwell should not use public facilities and under no circumstances spit or blow their noses in the water.
  2. Swimmers and spa users should wash their hands with soap and water often. Do this for at least 20 seconds.
    Everyone should wash their hands when entering the facility. Use hand sanitiser gel if soap and water are not available. Health authorities recommend solutions with 60% alcohol.
  3. Everyone should cover their mouth and nose with a tissue or elbow (not their hands) when they cough or sneeze.
    Put used tissues in the bin straight away and wash your hands afterwards.
  4. Try to avoid close contact with people who are unwell.


" When swimmers don’t shower before getting in pools, hot tubs/spas, or water playgrounds — or pee in the water — free chlorine (the form of chlorine that kills germs) combines with pee, poop, sweat, dirt, and personal care products,” states the CDC. “This means there is less free chlorine to kill germs and (as a result) unwanted chemical compounds are produced.


So It is safe to swim and take the below tips for Healthy Swimming:

  1. Check out the latest inspection score assigned to a public pool or hot tub/spa. You can typically find inspection scores online or on-site.
  2. Do your own mini-inspection. Use test strips to check disinfectant (chlorine or bromine) level and pH before getting in the water. You can purchase them from our Online store or from your nearest showroom.
  3. Shower before you get in the water. Rinsing off in the shower for just one minute helps get rid of most stuff that might be on a swimmer's body.
  4. Check yourself! Keep the pee, poop, sweat, blood, and dirt out of the water.
  5. Don’t swim or let children swim when sick with diarrhea.
  6. Don’t swallow the water. Just one mouthful of water with diarrhea germs can make you sick for up to 3 weeks.

For advice on all things pools and spas, call Dreamspas On following numbers :

Dreamspas Bristol Showroom : 01179 714868
Dreamspas Cardiff Showroom : 029 2132 7682

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What temperature should your hot tub be?

What temperature should your hot tub be?

If you are a new hot tub owner, you may be unsure about what temperature the water in your hot tub should be.   Most hot tubs have a temperature range between approximately 32-40 degrees Celcius and how you set it will depend on personal preference as well as other factors such as age and health.

Chances are that when you first get your hot tub, you'll need to experiment to find that perfect temperature.  Some people like the water to be as hot as possible, whereas others find that uncomfortable and prefer to aim for something closer to normal body temperature.  Of course, if there is more than one person using the hot tub, you may have to come to some kind of compromise so that everyone has an enjoyable experience.

You may want to alternate the temperature during different times of the year too.  For example, when it is particularly cold outside, turning the temperature up a couple of degrees will help beat the chill.  On the other hand, during the Summer, you may not want the water to be quite so hot as you would normally have it. Again this is down to personal choice and you may just keep it the same all year round. 

The most important thing to consider when setting your hot tub temperature is safety and different users will have different requirements. We have a safety limit of 40 degree Celcius so they cannot be set any higher than this. There are however, a few considerations dependent on the individual:

Children-  Children love being in water, but for them to use a hot tub safely, the temperature should really not exceed 35 degrees Celcius and bathing should be limited to a maximum of 15 minutes at a time.  This will reduce the chance of overheating and dehydration. 

Older adults- Again exercise caution, set the temperature slightly lower and avoid bathing for prolonged periods of time.  This will of course vary from person to person depending on overall health, not just age. 

Existing medical conditions- If you do suffer from particular health conditions, it's advisable to have a chat with a medical practitioner before using a hot tub.  They will be able to recommend how you can use a hot tub safely and without detriment to your health.

Pregnant women- It is always advisable to seek medical advice before using a hot tub when pregnant.  Making sure you keep the water temperature at a safe level and that you don't bathe for longer than 15 minutes at a time is also important.

Hot tubs offer many relaxation and health benefits as long as they are comfortable and safe.  Follow the above advice and you should have many years of enjoyment in your hot tub.

Also, always remember to replace your cover when your hot tub is not in use to help maintain the water temperature! 

How to incorporate your hot tub in to your daily routine

How to incorporate your hot tub in to your daily routine

Build your hot tub into your daily schedule and it won't be long before you start to experience the numerous health benefits.  Remember, even a 15 minute soak can be all you need to allow the hot tub to work its magic.


Here's a few ways to do this:


Start your day with a soak in the hot tub. You'll feel energised, refreshed and ready to take on the day ahead.  Instead of scrolling through your social media or watching the TV, use your time wisely and hop in the tub. It will be a much more valuable way to start the day. 


Use your hot tub when you exercise.  Before exercise, a soak in the hot tub will help to loosen muscles and increase blood flow.  Afterwards, the warm water will help to relax muscles and aid recovery.  


Have a soak before you go to bed. This will help you to relax and unwind, allowing you to sleep more peacefully.  A good night's sleep is essential so set this time aside each night and you won't regret it. 


Once you've built your hot tub into your daily routine, you should find it fairly easy to stick to.  Make sure that you keep on top of your hot tub maintenance so it's always ready for when you want to get in.


If you are an exercise person, hot tubs in the morning can still be beneficial for you. Before you head out to the gym or for a run, do some stretching in the hot tub. The warm water will loosen your muscles and prep your body better. 


If you’re not in a rush in the morning, you can also try aqua yoga in your hot tub. Doing yoga in warm water helps to alleviate chronic muscle pain, improve muscle tone, strength, and endurance, and stimulate the immune system.


We know that taking those dips in your hot tub on a regular basis can have a fantastic impact on your health and wellbeing – so here are just three of the ways they can help you boost your health.


Our immune systems may not be something we pay a huge amount of thought to, but when those winter colds and office bugs show their faces we suddenly start wishing we made a little more effort to keep it in top bug-fighting condition. The good news is that the massaging features and warm waters of our hot tubs combine to create hydrotherapy, stimulating white blood cells.


a hot tub is actually a fantastic way to detoxify. If you think about it, while you’re busy unwinding in that scrummy warm water, your body temperature will be rising, so you’ll be all hot and sweaty without feeling uncomfortable. let your body get rid of those toxins and impurities through your skin…it may not sound glamorous but it’s a great thing to do when you can. So, that quiet session after a busy weekend on the party scene may do even more than just help you to unwind…!


If you’re keen to get into shape but find the whole idea a little daunting, trying some gentle daily exercise routines in your spa is a great way to get started, as the water will relieve pressure on your joints and leave you feeling buoyant, making a gentle workout feel even easier. If you overdo the workout at the gym and need to give your muscles a little TLC, the hot tub can raise your temperature and boost your circulation, helping to heal those injured tissues.


If you have any medical conditions or if you’re pregnant, consult your physician before you add hot-tubbing to your regular morning routine. Hydrotherapy is proven to bring emotional and physical benefits, so make the most of your morning! 

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