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Who we are

About Us

Dreamspas are fastest growing Spa retail chain in the South West of the UK offering luxury spas and saunas at affordable prices so that our customers can experience their wide ranging health benefits.

Our philosophy is very simple:

  • Clear professional and friendly advice from experienced, knowledgeable, and trained staff
    • so that our customers can make their decisions with all the information at their fingertips
  • Exceptional quality at affordable prices
    • We are proud to be a premium partner for Wellis® an award winning spa and sauna supplier
    • We have 0% Finance options so our customers can split the cost of the Tubs over a period to make their finances easier
    • We have a range of beautiful spas and saunas to suit your budget and family size
  • The best customer and aftercare service
    • We pride ourselves on our excellent customer care from our dedicated team: from our highly knowledgeable showroom staff through to our qualified engineers, installation team, and spa servicing team

Clear, Professional & Friendly Advice

We are on hand to answer your questions before, during and after you decide to purchase your spa or sauna. It’s important that you are able to ask questions and we are on hand to help you with the information that you are looking for so that you are happy with your purchase. It’s important to us that you gain pleasure for many years to come from your spa or sauna which is why we will ask you some detailed questions so that we can make sure we give you the right advice and support.

Clear Professional & Friendly Advice
Exceptional Quality

Exceptional Quality

Our premium partnership with award winning industry leader Wellis® enables us to deliver excellence in all our products alongside exceptional quality of service. Each Spa is built to the highest specification utilising automated robotics to increase the efficiency and consistency of the quality of our completed spas. It enables every detail of the production process to be pre-planned and produced in a cost efficient way that enables savings to be passed on to you- our valued customer.

Dreamspas are proud to offer a huge range of quality Spas and Saunas to your family size and your pocket. Our spa external body is Polyurethane reinforced which gives you the following high quality benefits: reduced noise, and reduced electricity bills due to the quality insulation, and are eco- friendly with no hazardous gas emissions that occur from fibreglass.

The Best Customer & Aftercare Service

We have an experienced, dedicated and friendly Customer service team who can assist you not only with our spas and saunas, but also anything relating to our other products such as the chemicals and accessories to keep your spa in tip-top condition.

Each year we complete hundreds of new installations and we’re able to show our feedback from customers across our social media. We believe that providing exceptional service means our customers are happy to refer us to their family and friends. We work tirelessly to maintain our high referral and customer satisfaction rates.

The Best Customer Service
Health Benefits

Health Benefits

We know how important it is to be able to capitalise on the health benefits of these products, especially when we have such busy and stressful lives. Our spas and saunas come with a range of health benefits to you, and you can find out more about these on our Why Buy From Us page.

Next Steps

Speak with our wonderful in-store staff and ask them about having a spa wet-test. We have a relaxed and private wet room with one of our top-of-the-range spas where you can bring your family and try out the spa, and see for yourself how you can benefit from these high-quality and beautifully constructed products.

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