Wellis Holiday Let Hot Tubs

Introducing the Wellis Holiday Let Hot Tubs, exclusively available at Dreamspas – your ultimate destination for relaxation and luxury. Elevate your spa experience with our HSG282 COMPLIANT hot tubs, designed to meet the highest standards for hygiene and safety in holiday accommodation.

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Key Features of Holiday Let Spas:

Advanced Filtration System: Enjoy crystal-clear water with Wellis advanced filtration system, ensuring a pristine spa environment for your relaxation.

Tamper-Proof Controls: Ensure the safety of your settings with tamper-proof controls, providing a secure and uninterrupted spa experience.

Energy-Efficient Operation: Wellis spas are eco-friendly and energy-saving, reducing environmental footprint without compromising on performance.

Fast Drain Technology: Say goodbye to long waiting times. Wellis 10-minute fast drain feature ensures a quick turnaround for your holiday let.

Reduced Heating Time: Spend more time relaxing and less time waiting. Wellis hot tubs boast a reduced heating time of 3-5 hours, allowing your customers to slip into warmth and comfort sooner.

Smartphone App and Wi-Fi Connection: Take control of your spa experience with our user-friendly smartphone app and seamless WIFI connectivity, allowing you to manage your hot tub settings with ease. Control up to 100 spas at once anytime from anywhere.

In-Line Chemical Dosing System: Say goodbye to manual dosing, Wellis in-line system automates the process, maintaining optimal water chemistry effortlessly.

Chlorinator Included: Keeping your spa water sanitized and safe with the integrated chlorinator for worry-free enjoyment.

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Transform your holiday accommodation into a haven of relaxation with the Wellis Holiday Let Hot Tubs, where innovation meets indulgence. Discover the ultimate in spa luxury, exclusively at Dreamspas.