What is O-Care? and why do we recommend it? 

You might have come across O-care in our showroom or on our website and been curious about its purpose. In essence, O-care is a remarkable weekly water treatment that provides added protection for you and your hot tub, while also simplifying water care significantly!

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There are numerous advantages to utilizing O Care:

  • It can reduce the amount of chlorine or bromine you use in your Hot tub by up to 78%
  • It makes the water soft, silky and crystal clear
  • Your skin will feel smooth and smell nice after being in the tub, you won’t have that strong chlorine smell!
  • It prevents sediment build-up in your hot tub, even when your sanitiser levels are low
  • The water will be much safer for children (particularly if they love to go underwater)
  • It doesn’t change the chemical balance of the water like some water conditioners do
  • It’s made from natural high-quality mineral salts so is non-aggressive
  • It will reduce the wear and tear on your hot tub parts due to biofilm and calcium build-up
  • It’s perfect for sensitive skin!