Wellis Danube W-Flow Swims Spa

Introducing the Wellis Danube W-Flow Swims Spa, a revolutionary fusion of exceptional training solutions and customizable settings, designed to provide the ultimate swimming experience. With the added convenience of two seats, you no longer need to compromise between indulging in a perfect massage or enjoying an unforgettable swim.

WELLIS Danube up with water copy scaled 1

One of its remarkable innovations is the relocation of the filter compartment to the pool area’s end, resulting in a significant increase of over 50 cm in the available swimming space. The Danube W-Flow swim spa boasts double-sided illuminated fountains and a sleek semi-cabinet design, adding a touch of elegance to your aquatic oasis. 

Experience the best of both worlds with the Wellis Danube W-Flow Swims Spa – where fitness and relaxation converge in perfect harmony.