Why Should You Buy an Ex-Display Hot Tub?

If you love a hot tub manufacturer but can’t afford their full retail price, or you’re an eagle-eyed deal hunter, ex-display hot tub models can be a great solution.

Today we’re talking about whether Ex-Demo Hot Tubs are really the deal they seem to be on paper.

Why you should buy an ex-display model

Don’t confuse pre-owned or used with ex-display. If you’re buying an ex-display that has never been filled, you can be sure that no one has ever used it. You should only expect some minor wear and tear from being in a showroom. The payoff? You’re still saving up to thousands of pounds for an almost as-new model!

Even if your ex-display hot tub has been filled and used as a wet test model, you can be sure that it is in the best place to be looked after and maintained properly. In order to comply with Wellis regulations, all our filled showroom hot tubs must be chemically tested daily, so you’ll know that your hot tub has always had the right amount of chemicals in it, prolonging its life.

What should you consider when buying an ex-display hot tub?

·        Age and brand

The age of the spa may not affect how well it works if it has been well looked after, but it’s important to check if parts and accessories are still available for the model you’re looking at. For example, you’ll need to replace the filter regularly so find out if you can still get one that fits the model.

Likewise, the brand of the hot tub is also worth researching. Reliability is extra important when you are buying a used hot tub and you may find it harder to get parts and expert servicing for obscure brands.


·        Cost of ownership

Although a used tub may be cheaper to buy, make sure you opt for an energy-efficient model. Non-insulated tubs will cost much more to heat up and run than those that use the latest technology.

·        Care and servicing

Hot tubs that have not been cared for correctly may have a shorter life span. Always ask how the hot tub has been run, find out…

    Has it been correctly run and winterized?

    How often has it been drained?

    How often has it been serviced?

    Does it have a new filter?

    Put your trust in the specialists

When looking for a used hot tub, it is always best to buy from a trusted company as they will ensure the hot tub is in very good and working condition before selling it to the public, they will also make sure you are aware of any minor damages (if there are any) via the pictures on their web site.

·        Warranty

Does the hot tub you are buying come with a warranty or will you be out-of-pocket if it develops a fault?

All credible manufacturers begin their warranty 6 months from when their hot tub was made. Some hot tubs may have been in showrooms on display or in warehouses for many months, so check when the hot tub was manufactured and what the exact warranties are. The date of manufacture is usually found on a plate or sticker within or on the cabinet of the hot tub itself. It’s also worth finding out whether the warranty is with the retailer or the manufacturer.

·        Delivery

Finally, can the hot tub be moved safely to your home? If buying second-hand, you may need to hire specialist equipment or a crane to remove the hot tub from difficult locations.

Final Note:

In summary, buy from a manufacturer and a retailer you can trust. You will probably use your hot tub for many years to come – it’s like buying a second-hand boiler for your home and you’re really buying into a service relationship, so choose your supplier carefully.

Reputable companies that offer ex-display models should be able to help you every step of the way, but it’s a great idea to prepare yourself so you know what to look for, what to avoid and how to get the best deal without paying for it down the line.

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