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Guidelines for Using Spas and Hot Tubs

Guidelines for Using Spas and Hot Tubs

Take special precautions with young children who use spas or hot tubs. Spas and hot tubs are deep enough for children to drown in a matter of minutes! Such accidents are usually silent and often without any signs of distress at the surface. Bubbles may obscure visibility. Also, children may become ill from overheating. As a spa or hot tub owner, you may be legally liable for the safety of all persons who use your facility. You have the ultimate responsibility. Be sure your insurance policy is updated to include ownership of your spa or hot tub. However, facing ownership responsibilities does not mean taking the fun out of using your spa or hot tub. If you know about proper safety practices and use good judgment, you will find that the benefits of a spa or hot tub can far outweigh the risks. 

Here are some guidelines for using your spa or hot tub.

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