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Using Your Hot Tub Safely

Using Your Hot Tub Safely

Hot tubs are an oasis of enjoyment and relaxation with many therapeutic benefits which will give owners many years of good service when looked after properly. As with many products potential risks can arise, particularly if a product is misused or neglected, but there are a number of simple steps that can be taken to ensure your hot tub or swim spa is kept safe, both when in use and when it is empty

Always use a cover when the hot tub is not in use to prevent unauthorised access to the water. Most reputable manufacturers have locking straps which can be locked using supplied keys, which should be kept away from children. Without the keys, it is not possible to gain access to the hot tub.

Modern covers are designed to maximise insulation from evaporation whilst ensuring a physical barrier to the water. Whilst they are not overly heavy, they can be cumbersome, particularly on a large hot tub (dreamspas provides wide range of large hot tubs from 4 - 9 seaters and swim spas) or if the user is in anyway movement impaired. Therefore we highly recommend the fitting of a cover lifter to aid in the removal and replacement of the cover.

Always use the hot tub with the cover removed. Never try to bathe with the cover in place over the heads of bathers. If the hot tub is to be used at night, always use the underwater light so that bathers can clearly see their safe entry point into and out of the water, and ensure that the access route(s) between the house and the hot tub are clearly lit as well. Unless a hot tub is sunk or partially sunk into the paving or decking, always use a set of approved spa steps with non-slip treads to gain access to the hot tub. For extra security a hot tub grab-rail can be installed at the access point and attached under the hot tub or attached to the cabinet If your hot tub is partially or completely sunk into paving or decking, always ensure it is clearly visible day and night and everyone in its vicinity are aware of it to avoid accidental trips and dunkings!

When getting in, or out of, a hot tub, do so with care and do not run, to avoid slips, trips and falls. It is recommended to bathe with at least one other person in a hot tub, in the event that if one person gets into any difficulty, the other can assist or raise the alarm. The elderly or infirm should not be left alone in a hot tub, and children should never be allowed to use a hot tub without constant adult supervision. Never put your head underwater in a hot tub, or allow another bather to do so. The high water temperature can potentially lead to loss of consciousness. Never use a hot tub with a water temperature higher than 40ºC. Reputable brands will be factory configured in such a way as to make this impossible, but we recommend that you keep on hand a good quality thermometer to double check the water temperature against that showing on the hot tub’s display.

Finally, treat with chemical products designed specifically for use in hot tubs never use general household cleaning products or detergents.

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