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Turn your bathroom into a real spa

Turn your bathroom into a real spa

Do you ever go to a wellness spa for a day? Where you can enjoy the hot tubs, saunas and steam baths? Then you have probably fantasized about what it would be like to have this experience in your own bathroom! Fortunately, there are endless possibilities to turn your own bathroom into a spa, so you can relax and enjoy yourself in your own home.

A spa-model bathroom

A bathroom as a spa naturally starts with the design. When your bathroom is still fully equipped with standard white tiles, it does not radiate luxury and tranquility. Choose earth tones and pieces with, for example, mosaic or pebbles. Make sure there is heating in the bathroom, because it is nice when it is warm. And a toilet in the bathroom? That is of course not really appropriate for the spa model. For example, choose to make a separate toilet upstairs and take it out of the bathroom.

A hot tub in the bathroom

When you think of a wellness spa, you naturally think of a hot tub . But is a hot tub in the bathroom possible? Does that fit and is it not very expensive? Fortunately, Jacuzzis and spas come in many different shapes and sizes. You can opt for a hot tub for two people, but also for a spa for five, if you have a larger bathroom. Of course, the hot tub does not have to be free, as long as you can access it from one side. It is of course important that the hot tub can be connected correctly.

A sauna in the bathroom

Just relax, but rather not in the water? A wellness spa naturally also includes a sauna! Who doesn't dream of having their own sauna at home or even in the bathroom? If you would like to have your own sauna, you can choose from different types. If you like a wonderfully steaming sauna, choose a Finnish sauna . If you suffer from shortness of breath in a Finnish sauna or if you would like to sit in the sauna for a bit longer, opt for an infrared sauna . Read here what the difference is between a Finnish sauna and an infrared sauna.

Consult specialists for a spa as a bathroom!

If you want to have your bathroom converted into a wellness spa, it is smart to hire specialists for this. It is best to do this if you are already planning to remodel your bathroom. Go to a real bathroom specialist for that! You can of course go to Dreamspas to purchase and connect a hot tub and sauna. We are happy to advise you on the right hot tub or sauna for you and ensure that you can enjoy your spa endlessly . For more information please contact us or visit our showroom !

Dreamspas Limited has become the UK's leading wellness expert within a short period of time, providing exceptional hot tubs, swim spas and saunas alongside an awesome customer experience with  ultimate wellness experience.You can relax to a hydrotherapy massage, get a total body workout with exercise bands, row bars and an aqua bike or swim endlessly in our infinity edge swim spa

We promote health through hydrotherapy. For 17 years of Wellis Europe innovation, design and quality has defined our spas - but our passion has always been Wellness. 

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