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Making the decision to purchase a hot tub should be an exciting one, be it to encourage more family time, alone time, couple time or to take advantage of the many health benefits that hot tubbing offers.  Once the decision has been made, it should be a fun and exciting experience getting out there and purchasing one. 

The figures for hot tub ownership have been continually on the increase in recent years as people become more aware of the benefits of hydrotherapy on mental and physical health.  It is now thought that over 100,000 homes in the UK have a hot tub of some description installed. 

A hot tub used to be considered a luxury item that most people could only dream of owning but now with much more affordable options and 0% finance being available, they have become a more realistic ideal more many people. 

So with this in mind, surely finding a hot tub supplier in the UK should be easy, right?  Well sadly, this is not what we discovered several years ago in the days before Dreamspas, when we made the decision to purchase our very own hot tub. 

The information we found left us more confused than when we started.  Horror stories of rogue companies selling product not fit for purpose.  Disgruntled buyers who had paid over the odds for a product that never really suited their needs, coupled with terrible advice and after sales service that had buyers enraged.   Suddenly this exciting journey was becoming an absolute minefield. So feeling deflated and underwhelmed by the whole process, we sat one night and debated whether we should just hold off on the whole idea.  Poor information and a wildly varying price point left us feeling like we could easily be the next disgruntled customers. 

Rather than accept the lack of helpful information and poor guidance available, we decided to do something about it.  With over 25 years' experience operating successful businesses built on providing customers with the right information, products and aftercare service, we decided to go it alone and purchase our new hot tub direct from source.  Many, many months were spent meeting the right people asking the right questions and understanding the making and workings of hot tubs from the ground up. As painstaking as it was, we finally purchased out perfect spa and couldn't be happier.

But why should it be so difficult we pondered?  And so, Dreamspas was born. 

Our hard work obviously paid off as Dreamspas are now the UK's fastest growing hot tub retailer.  And this is no accident. This is a result of three key fundamentals that we hold close to our core.


We believe in offering our customers honest advice and ensure that all of our staff have the same outlook.  We understand that buying a hot tub is a big investment and that you are likely to have many questions. That's why we're always on hand to advise, via numerous communication channels.

We will not try and sell you a more expensive model if we know it's not what you want.  We will not lie about the running or maintenance costs of our hot tubs. We will not promise to deliver something that we can't.  We will only ever provide you with the truth!


We only use products from the Wellis who are one of the industry's leading suppliers and manufacturers and the largest in Europe so that we can be confident that our hot tubs are built to the highest standard.  Every Wellis Hot tub is meticulously designed by Wellis to provide our customers with the most powerful massage experience. 

We have a large range of Wellis quality hot tubs to suit all budgets and requirements which are all available with 0% finance.  This means that as well as quality, we can also compete on price. 


Our customer testimonials speak for themselves and we are happy to display these across our social media.  You can guarantee that even after you've purchased your hot tub through us, the relationship doesn't end there.  We have an unrivaled after-care service so should you have any issues or concerns, we'll be happy to help. 

As with anything, with supply comes demand and as a result, the number of hot tub suppliers in the UK has risen dramatically in recent years.  But be warned, we are not all the same. Don't get caught out!


Bishta Partner Gecko Partner Official Wellis Partner WhatSpa Award Best Buy 2019 WhatSpa Award Besy Buy 2016