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Hottubs are made for carefree relaxation and offer a break from the stresses and strains of everyday life. They soothe the body, help the mind to unwind, and offer a sanctuary from the busy day. With a Hottub, you add more luxury and enjoyment to your precious leisure time – time which will rejuvenate and re-energise you for the challenges ahead. Spoil your body with a healing and invigorating massage that can be adapted to your specific needs thanks to systematically arranged jets and a range of different settings and programs. Atmospheric underwater LED lighting will also help you to unwind, turning your spa into a pool of beautiful colours. When the experience of massage, light and colour is combined with the sweet aromas of fine fragrances your Hottub will truly offer an oasis of relaxation for all the senses. With a Hottub, you can enjoy relaxing in style – anytime, anywhere you choose.

Invigorating massages, therapeutic fragrances and the soothing warmth of a Hottub bring respite for body and soul. With regular use, a hottub can bring more vitality and an improved sense of well being.

The warm water encourages your blood circulation and activates your body’s own natural healing powers. Back and joint problems are alleviated by hydrotherapy and the metabolism is stimulated, improving your health and wellness in general.

A soak in a hot tub helps to release endorphins, naturally reduces pain, and creates the feeling of happiness and contentment; when the body is relaxed, the mind can find it easier to unwind and worries simply fade away. The heat of a hot tub also increases the body temperature, allowing blood vessels to expand and to absorb more oxygen. Breathing becomes deeper, helping to clear sinuses and lungs, meaning your Hottub can be an effective treatment for colds and asthma.

In water, the body only weighs around 30 % of its actual weight. This reduces pressure on strained muscles and injured joints. Therefore, a Hottub massage does not only relieve tension – it also helps in the recovery process of overburdened body parts. The buoyancy can even be used as a treatment against chronic and rheumatic diseases.

Hot tub sessions are also recommended for non-physical conditions such as insomnia. In addition, targeted applications can be used to improve circulation and assist in the treatment of diabetes(Check with your spcialist). What is more, sessions in your hot tub help to keep the skin’s blood vessels and the connective tissues elastic and healthy, helping you look younger and more radiant.


  1. General relaxation, reduction of the production of stress hormones, improved sleep, alleviation of pain
  2. Relaxation of neck and shoulders, improved circulation and better mobility
  3. Improved heart and lung capacity, boost of the lymphatic system and improved metabolism
  4. Strengthening, relaxation and easing of pain in spinal area, back, posterior and pelvis
  5. Improved circulation, natural detox and regeneration of skin cells
  6. Stimulation of immune system and vital organs (digestive system, heart, kidneys etc.)
  7. Improved mobility and strengthening of hip, knee and ankle joints as well as tendons and ligaments
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