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Four health benefits of an infrared cabin

Four health benefits of an infrared cabin

If you would like to purchase a sauna, you can opt for a traditional Finnish sauna or an infrared cabin. Where a Finnish sauna heats the room by means of a heat source, this is done in an infrared cabin by means of infrared radiation. The air temperature is much lower here, making it a lot less stuffy in the cabin. Your muscles and the rest of your body also heat up a lot better in an infrared cabin. In addition, it has even more benefits for your health.


1. Better resistance

When you sweat, waste products leave your body. If you have a lot of waste products in your body, you are more likely to get sick. By visiting an infrared cabin, you sweat all these waste products from your body. In addition, a visit to the infrared cabin also contributes to better resistance. Infrared cabins help to produce antibodies and white blood cells, which in turn help fight diseases. 

People often get sick when the weather changes.. If you regularly sit in an infrared cabin, your body becomes accustomed to temperature changes, which makes you less sensitive to it when the seasons change.


2. Better sports performance

If you are an active athlete, a visit to the infrared cabin can also contribute to better sports performance. First of all, it ensures that your body gets used to high temperatures more and more, and can therefore handle it better. When you exercise, your body naturally gets heated. Because you are used to this, you can continue exercising with a heated body for longer.


3. Relaxation after exercise

After exercise, it is of course important that you relax properly and that you give your muscles a rest. A visit to the infrared cabin makes your muscles recover faster, which also reduces the chance of muscle pain. It is wise not to go into the infrared cabin for too long after exercise, or to do this before you exercise.


4. Listen to your body!

There are several effects that a visit to the infrared cabin can have on your body and your health. However, it is important to listen to your own body. Everybody is different! If you find that you have not been able to sit in the cabin for a long time, it is recommended to build it up slowly. This way you get the most benefit from your sauna.

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